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NCT 2017 Starts Today in Yakima, Washington

Venom Power is honored to be the headline sponsor for the 2017 Northwest Championship Tour! There are 6 events, held every month throughout the Northwest. The first stop starts today and run through Sunday April 30th at Playground Paintball & Lasertag in Yakima, Washington.  This year is off to a great start with over 200 expected entries for the 1st leg. Stop by the Venom tent and see Tracy. #NCTracing #venompowered

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Tiny Whoop Revolution

Living in north Idaho for many of us means putting some of our beloved RC products on the shelf for several months as we eagerly await warmer days.  The Tiny Whoop Revolution has changed this, at least for me.  I find myself buzzing around our warehouse here at Venom during lunch on a near daily basis.  The rush of bombing down aisles, cutting through racking, and threading the needle on any other small gap I muster

Is storage charging really THAT important? Yes it is!

Yes. It is. Okay, seriously though, if you want your LiPo batteries to lead a long and happy life of servitude to you and your RC model, keeping the pack in good health is really important. LiPo batteries are very sensitive to their resting voltage. Batteries that are stored fully charged have the potential of a decreased lifespan and lackluster performance down the road. Batteries stored near their low voltage threshold run the risk of