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Come see us at the 2017 Interdrone Show

Come visit us at the InterDrone conference, Booth 302, to be one of the first to see the exclusive unveiling of a revolutionary new UAS battery and charging system for fleet operators. Our Venom Commercial Series charger was designed and built in the U.S.A. and has an application flexible modular design which is scalable to the needs of your operation. The Venom Commercial Series battery is the culmination of over 10-years of R&D and features

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Venom Graphene Drone LiPo Batteries Now Available!

NEW RELEASE! Venom GRAPHENE DRONE FPV Race series LiPo batteries are engineered for the extreme demands of todays FPV racing pilots. With lower internal resistance and less voltage sag under load than standard LiPo batteries, Venom Graphene packs stay cooler under extreme conditions. Venom has over a decade of lithium-ion battery manufacturing experience and only uses the best LiPo materials, technology and cells available. These GRAPHENE FPV Race series lithium-ion batteries are 5C fast charge

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To Drone or Not To Drone? Drone use for today’s small business owner (Part 2 of 5)

Hope you enjoyed our first installment of “To Drone or Not To Drone.” We have been looking at the potential use of drones for small business owners and what the decision making process should look like before you make the leap into using a UAV solution in your business. First and foremost you have to think about what is the value that this new technology brings? Is there potential to reduce labor costs, improve worker

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Lithium battery prices on the rise?

With worldwide demand for energy storage expanding daily, the battery market continues to grow and become more competitive. When you think about a market that has growing consumer demand, but also an increasing number of suppliers all those days spent in economics class would tell you that we should see prices decreasing, right? But are there more factors in play here that may actually lead to price increases at the consumer level?   The lithium

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To Drone or Not To Drone? Drone use for today’s small business owner (Part 1 of 5)

Part 1 of a 5 part series Drones are here to stay, love it or hate it; the fact remains we will continue see these little robotic helpers more and more in our everyday lives. What was originally dismissed as a novelty for the general business owner, and only reserved for hush, hush black operations within the military community is now a legitimate tool for an ever-growing amount of businesses. Many business owners are struggling