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Come see us at the 2017 Interdrone Show

Come visit us at the InterDrone conference, Booth 302, to be one of the first to see the exclusive unveiling of a revolutionary new UAS battery and charging system for fleet operators. Our Venom Commercial Series charger was designed and built in the U.S.A. and has an application flexible modular design which is scalable to the needs of your operation. The Venom Commercial Series battery is the culmination of over 10-years of R&D and features

Choosing The Right Lithium Battery for Your RC Vehicle (Hint…..Think “C” Rating)

There can be a lot of confusion when it comes to choosing the right LiPo battery for your RC vehicle. LiPo batteries come in so many milliamps, C-Ratings, sizes and constructions. So how does one choose the right LiPo when there are so many options? When I first started using LiPo batteries I did what a lot of people do. A quick internet search of my make and model which in turn lead me to

How to determine what “AMP” rate you should use for your LiPo battery

If you’re new to LiPo batteries, or have just purchased a quality hobby charger like our new ProDuo charger, you may be unfamiliar with how to safely set the charge rate for your battery. The battery manufacturer will tell you what the maximum “Charge Rate” of the battery is. This information is different than the “C-Rating” which is usually expressed as a number on the front of the pack (20C, 50C, etc). If you are

What does my charger WATT rating REALLY mean?

One of the most common calls we get at Venom goes something like this: “I’m trying to charge my six cell 5000mAh battery at 5.0A but it will only charge at 2A.” In other words, the charger allows you to set the 6S 5000mAh pack to charge at 5.0A, but it never actually gets to 5A. This is a direct correlation to the maximum wattage available in the charger. What is wattage? Wattage is a

Is storage charging really THAT important? Yes it is!

Yes. It is. Okay, seriously though, if you want your LiPo batteries to lead a long and happy life of servitude to you and your RC model, keeping the pack in good health is really important. LiPo batteries are very sensitive to their resting voltage. Batteries that are stored fully charged have the potential of a decreased lifespan and lackluster performance down the road. Batteries stored near their low voltage threshold run the risk of